I cut my teeth in procurement and contract management during my 1-year tour to Iraq. The Brigade we took over for handed us their contracts and said we should have an easy deployment – all the major contracts were good for a year.

A week later our office erupted with calls about services not being taken care of and contractors walking off bases.

I quickly learned to write scopes of work, solicit materials and services for bids, read through terms and conditions, and even some rudimentary negotiation.

Once I completed my time in the Active Duty Army, I returned to civilian life and was hired by the local power company as a Buyer, and eventually was offered the position of Category Manager. During my time here I have seen the company go through numerous changes.

The company’s most recent change had the greatest impact on me. Departments were forced to cut $1 million from their budgets in a two month period just so the company could hire a big-name consultant. Some departments had to decide: fire people? Not fill critical vacancies? Not replace equipment that was long past due for replacement? It wasn’t a pretty picture.

The consultant’s roll-out was disjointed, telling us one thing at one point, then providing training, and then offering information that contradicted their previous guidance. Their personnel were demeaning, and many in the department I was in, including myself, learned to despise working with them.

During this transition I sat back and thought, “I know I can do this better.”

Meybest Procurement Solutions was born.

What Meybest Procurement Solutions Can Do For Your Organization

With over seven years of procurement and contract management experience, I can bring a wealth of knowledge to your organization, either through self-service training, or through in-person consultation.

My experience with other consultants has taught me that companies generally don’t have tens of millions of dollars to drop on consultation services, and that some consultants treat the employees of the company they are working with as inferiors.

Both the training provided and my consultation fees are competitively priced, and won’t break the bank. I will work with your organization’s team – both upper management and those on the ground doing the actual procurement work – to provide training and find the solution that is the best fit for you.